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Saturday, 07 June 2008
Hi There
I just writing to congratulate you on producing such a  wonderful product as natraderm, I have a 8 month baby , who has been suffering from eczema since a month old.  I had tried lots of products from steroid cream, emulsifers etc that didn't work and the eczema got worse during the summer especially when she started to sratch it and damaged the skin further.  Which resulted in bleeding wounds, crusting and darkening  skin patches on her face legs and arms.
I decided to give your product a try after discovering it at my local Holland and Barrett, to be honest I was convinced it would not work on 'our skin'  (afro carribean) because the lotion was so thin, prior to using natraderm I was using thick ointments as was told that was better for black skin as our skin tends to dry out especially in winter.
I was amazed with the results I have only been using the product for just over a week, the skin has almost completley healed on her face, and her eczema on her legs and arms are healing rapidly.  Even after a bath her skin dosen't dry out as much as it use to and the cream smells wondeful and is quite cheap compared to other products.
Many thanks
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Natraderm Sales Suspended

We are very sorry to announce that sales of the Natraderm range of products are temporarily suspended. We will notify our customers of any changes to this situation. For any trade related enquiries, or large orders, please contact us by email. Again, we apologise to our loyal regular customers, and will do our best to re-supply the market at a future date.  

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