Should I use the Organic Shampoo or the Shower Gel for Body & Hair?
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Monday, 19 July 2010

Users who liked the old formula Natraderm Shampoo will feel at home with the new Organic Shower Gel for Body and Hair. While other customers might prefer the New Organic Shampoo. We released two products that can be used as a shampoo, to cover some of the different hair types. Both of the hair products are gentle and contain no chemical additives or fragrances. People with fine or short hair might prefer the Organic Shampoo while people with very thick hair or long hair might be better suited to the Organic Shower Gel for Body and Hair. Hair and skin types vary so much that it is difficult to give specific recommendations, it might be a good idea to try both products and see which one suits your type of hair.  

Last Updated ( Monday, 19 July 2010 )