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Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Causes of Eczema and Dermatitis -  In the treatment of skin problems including conditions such as infant eczema it is advantageous to watch for and eliminate any obvious cause; sensitivity to external irritants (e.g. Ivy, Rhus Trees, Grevileas, household detergents, some cosmetics, lanolin, nickel in jewellery and fasteners, chemicals in rubber, leather and cement), certain foods (e.g. spices, alcohol, eggs, oranges, cow's milk), articles of clothing (such as wool or synthetic materials), cold or wind, sudden changes in temperature, nervous and emotional upsets, fatigue, and even certain drugs.

Where it is not possible to determine the cause, successful results can still be achieved without hydrocortisone by treating the skin according to its current state or condition. The Natraderm range of products is developed with this in mind.

To quote a dermatologist, "Dry skin is a precursor of dermatitis". By treating the dry skin, it is very often possible to avoid the development of dermatitis or eczema.

Clothing should be light and not excessive. Any clothing in contact with affected area should be of cotton or silk, not wool or synthetic materials.

In the anal area, where hot, moist conditions exist, inflamed skin sometimes becomes infected with a bacterial mycotic (fungal) type infection. This may be suspected if there are continual recurrences of difficulty in clearing the condition. 

Cleansing Inflamed Skin - Soap should not be used on the affected area as it may irritate the skin. Soap also produces an alkaline reaction, which removes the skin's natural acid protection and generally tends to aggravate the skin condition. This is important because the pH of eczematous skin takes longer than normal skin to recover its natural acid protection after the use of soap. Bacteria grows more easily on an alkaline medium, so the condition is easily infected.

Very Tender and Inflamed Skin - Can be treated safely with Natraderm, a very mild and gentle cream moisturising lotion which is soothing and anti-inflammatory. It is particularly suitable for young children or adults with very tender skin. In most cases, it is all that is needed. Eczema and dermatitis require good emollient creams or lotions. These products trap in the skin's moisture preventing drying and scaling and stop further aggravation of the condition caused by scratching and rubbing. In Infantile Atopic Eczema (or infant eczema) this is particularly important. It can first appear as early as three months old, quite often starting as a rash on the face, or wrists, or behind the knees. The discomfort can cause the infant to scratch and this can lead to infection. Together with the use of an emollient, the skin should be kept clean and free from possible chemical irritants. Many sufferers claim to react to the very same products designed to treat their condition. What triggers the eczema to appear varies, but it might be wise to avoid emollients and soaps which contain harsh chemicals.

Cleansing Very Dry Skin - Our cleansing bar which has built-in moisturisers, gently cleans the dry skin, after which the Lotion is used to cool and soothe the inflammation and relieve itching. The two preparations are compatible and may be used together when required. After using the Cleansing Bar and the Natraderm Lotion, application of the lotion should be repeated at least three times a day and most importantly at night.

Dry, Sore and Inflamed Skin - (sometimes with pin-head sized blisters or minute red spots, skin cracks and some itching)The Lotion which is anti-inflammatory soothes and cools the skin, reduces inflammation and helps to relieve itching, which may occur on hands, feet, outer ear, vulval and anal areas, behind the knees, inside the elbows etc. Because it is absorbed into the skin leaving no visible trace, it is useful for may areas, including the face, e.g. irritation after shaving. As the lotion is absorbed into the skin it can also be used under clothing.

Cleansing Itching , 
- Our Shampoo which has built in moisturisers and conditioners, is anti-prurutic (anti-itch) and is specially recommended for people with scalp problems.

Itching and Thickened Skin
- ... pink or normal in colour, sometimes rough and scaly can be treated safely with the Moisturising Lotion. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-prurutic (anti-itch) and therapeutic. Sometimes the skin develops a defensive thickening as a result of previous scratching and healing. The ingredients of the lotion are especially beneficial to this condition.

Very Dry Skin - If the skin is very dry and scaly, the cleansing bar should be used first. Relieve very dry skin by using the Lotion regularly. It is formulated so that a small amount spreads easily and quickly over large areas.

Clothing can irritate eczema and dermatitis. It should be light and not excessive. Any clothing in contact with affected area should be of cotton or silk, not wool or synthetic materials.

The diet should avoid excessive amounts of fats, oils sweets, spicy foods and alcohol. In some people and particularly in children, the condition is cleared more quickly if certain foods (e.g. milk, eggs, oranges) are excluded from the diet. Keeping a diary of foods eaten and noting if any skin rash or inflammation occurs after particular foods can be helpful. Any nutritional deficiency should be corrected. As people may react differently to the same treatment, some variation to our recommendations may be needed to select the most effective preparation.

Learning to relax
and removing any causes of tension, if possible, will help to prevent "flare-ups" of dermatitis and eczema. In the anal area, where hot, moist conditions exist, inflamed skin sometimes becomes infected with bacterial an mycotic (fungal) type infection. This may be suspected if there are continual recurrences of difficulty in clearing the condition.

After The Condition Has Cleared

Successful treatment should not be terminated suddenly. The preparation which was used to clear or control the condition should be used (less frequently) for some weeks after the surface of the skin has cleared. The underlying tissue takes a very much longer time to heal, and this scaling down of the treatment is essential to ensure that both layers of the skin are healed.

At the slightest sign of a recurrence, resume the treatment which was successful in controlling the condition. The continued use of Natraderm Moisturising Lotion and Cleansing Bar will keep the skin soft and supple and help prevent the recurrence of dermatitis, especially if the skin is dry.


Despite some popular beliefs to the contrary, dermatitis and eczema can be cleared. It is not possible in a few pages to cover in detail all the different types of dermatitis and eczema and the recommended treatments for specific manifestations such as: atopic, seborrhoeic, asteatotic, xerotic, nummular, pompholyx, hyperkeratotic, fingertip, allergic contact and irritant contact. We are confident, however, that by carefully following the recommendations on this page, satisfactory results can usually be achieved. Any condition not responding to treatment should be referred to a medical practitioner. If sensitivity is shown to any product ingredient, discontinue use. 

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